An Explanation Of The Results Of The HSG Examination?

Illustration of An Explanation Of The Results Of The HSG Examination?
Illustration: An Explanation Of The Results Of The HSG Examination?

I have been married for 10 months and do not have children. On January 8, 2019 I did HSG and saw that there were results that didn’t seem so good, which made me down. Given the SPOG doctor’s schedule is still quite long, hopefully the doctor can help so that I can feel better. What is the explanation of this result? “The contrast appears to fill the fallopian tubes right-left, caliber pars interstitialis -isthmica left and right normal, looks dilated pars infudibulum -ampularis right and left, not yet spill / spill contrast to the peritoneal cavity. Contrast is added with 3cc, visible spill on the right and left peritoneal cavity. Left and right hydrosalpinx with patent right and left fallopian tubes. “2. What are the causes of right and left pars infudibulum dilation? What must be done (drugs / actions / etc) to deal with the dilatation so that I can get pregnant? Note: 5 hours before HSG I jog for 15 minutes. Yesterday I went yoga for 2 days and before I got married I had a lot of cats. Thank you doctor, please explain, hopefully it’s healthy u0026amp; always happy! Aamiin …

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Hello Nadarain,

HSG or hysterography is a radiological examination to provide a picture of the uterus / uterus and fallopian tubes / salping (channels that channel eggs from the ovaries into the uterus). The fallopian tube consists of isthmus, ampulla, infundibulum, and fimbriae parts. Obstruction in the form of blockage will certainly make pregnancy difficult because the fertilization process occurs in the fallopian tube. In the HSG examination, a contrast agent will be added, the normal contrast agent will fill all the right and left fallopian tubes. Ampulla-infudibullum dilation is widening of the tube diameter which usually can occur due to a blockage at the tip / distal of the channel. Hydrosalpinx is a widening of the fallopian tube filled with serous fluid / clear fluid. This will certainly complicate the process of fertilization, especially if it occurs in both fallopian tubes, so patients often complain of difficulty getting pregnant.

Hydrosalpinx is usually caused due to pelvic inflammatory disease arising from genital infections. Other causes are a history of endometriosis, a history of fallopian tube surgery, and cancer. Complaints that can be felt by patients with hydrosalpinx are pain in the pelvis or lower abdomen and vaginal discharge. Handling hydrosalpinx is through salpingostomy and freeing the adhesions. However, this action does not guarantee it will overcome the condition of infertility. Complications that often occur is an ectopic pregnancy. There are several other methods to get pregnant, including the IVF method. You can consult further with obstetricians.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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