An Eye Twinkles Ant

Illustration of An Eye Twinkles Ant
Illustration: An Eye Twinkles Ant

Hello doc, sorry I want to ask. My eyes turn right when driving on the road of twisting semit and it seems to be bitten by the inside of the eye because it really hurts, and the interval does not subside, and the lapse of a day after my eyes runny, red and it feels like something is up, that’s why the doc should be what’s going on do it first? Thanks doc.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The complaint that you are experiencing may indeed occur due to a bite or an insect sting, even though whether it is ants or other animals still requires direct examination.

For this condition, all you can do is warm compress the painful part and dripping with standard eye drops that you can get at the nearest pharmacy. Avoid driving using the motor first so that no dust and small animals enter the eye again during the recovery period, and reduce eye work by not too often being in front of the monitor.

If this condition does not improve within 3-4 days, then consult your ophthalmologist to get further treatment. If it doesn't take 3 days but the complaint is unbearable, it's okay to leave early. What is clear, do not use drugs labeled red or without doctor's advice. So, hopefully answering your question.

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