An Overdose Of The Drug Amoxicillin.?

Illustration of An Overdose Of The Drug Amoxicillin.?
Illustration: An Overdose Of The Drug Amoxicillin.?

Congratulations Malem want to ask broadamox drug dosage if one sip of 4 grains is dangerous and can overdose or not? What if the reaction is neutralized with milk? Thank you

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Hello Bro, thank you for consulting us on com.

Broadmox is a trademark drug which contains antibiotic compounds, in which it contains 500mg of Amoxicillin. Amoxicillin is a class of penicillin antibiotics that are usually used by clinical practitioners for upper and lower respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, digestive tract infections, and skin and soft tissue infections.

Basically the dose given must of course be adjusted to the illness. In your case, if the antibiotic prescription is prescribed by a doctor or specialist who understands your condition and the possibility of your illness, then it is very natural, and you don't need to worry, even though the dosage is likely to be over-dose, because in some diseases such as urethritis or gonorrhea, high doses of antibiotics are needed once a drink. This is so that antibiotics can penetrate the protective layer owned by the bacteria and also make it possible to kill bacteria in the targeted amount so that the therapeutic effect can be obtained.

In the general population, milk is known as a neutralizing poison, but the fact is that milk does not neutralize the full action of toxins that have an effect on the body, only it reduces the volume of toxins in the body. Likewise with the drugs taken, basically the drug is a poison for germs or bacteria that must be used in the dosage so that it is not harmful to the body. Actually the reaction of drugs with milk that can occur include:

blocking the drug from working properly
the side effects of the drug are milder or even worse
medicine can also change the body's performance in absorbing nutrients from food including milk

Milk consumed at one time or adjacent to the consumption of antibiotics will cause calcium in milk to bind antibiotic drugs so that antibiotics cannot be absorbed by the intestine and the therapeutic effect produced for the body is not optimal.

If indeed your disease is a disease that requires antibiotic therapy with high doses, then you should follow the rules and recommendations for taking medication as recommended by the doctor who treats you, so you should not interfere in taking it by drinking milk and antibiotics within the time close together. For more details, we advise you to consult again with your treating doctor. Because he is more entitled to reduce or increase the dose of medicine for you in accordance with the disease that is in you.

You should not take antibiotic drugs without a prescription and doctor's advice, or stop taking antibiotic drugs without doctor's recommendation. Because it will only have negative effects on your body such as allergic reactions or even germ immune reactions that can be fatal in the future. Thus we can convey to you, hopefully our information is useful for you. thanks.

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