Anal Feels Itchy When Eating Noodles And Shrimp?

Illustration of Anal Feels Itchy When Eating Noodles And Shrimp?
Illustration: Anal Feels Itchy When Eating Noodles And Shrimp? Bing

Hello, I want to ask, I have hemorrhoids, I used to like eating chicken, shrimp, eggs, it didn’t itch, but why lately, when I eat noodles/shrimp, my anus is very itchy, and the navel area is itchy too… u003cbr /u003e whereas before no u003cbr /u003thanks

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What you are experiencing can be caused by various possibilities such as:

Worm infection Fungal infection Allergy

Worm infection or worms can cause itching in the rectum. This is because there are types of worms that have the activity of laying eggs in the rectum, causing the anus to become itchy. Fungal infections can also be a trigger where usually the infected skin can usually experience a change in color compared to the surrounding skin or a rash appears. Allergic conditions can also cause what you are experiencing, where this allergy can be triggered by many things such as drugs, foods, certain materials such as nickel, latex and others.

If it really bothers you, it's a good idea to see a doctor. In addition, the hemorrhoids that you experience may also require therapy. Later the doctor will dig deeper into your history and examine you in person. Without it, what you experience cannot be determined. Later, if you really need therapy, it will be adjusted by the doctor. In the meantime, avoid scratching the itchy area, and always maintain personal hygiene and change clothes regularly.

I hope this helps.

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