Anal Lumps Accompanied By Hot And Cold At Night?

Illustration of Anal Lumps Accompanied By Hot And Cold At Night?
Illustration: Anal Lumps Accompanied By Hot And Cold At Night?

i already monday my anus is sick and in my anus like a lump and if the night is always hot and cold, is it ambeyeun? and what is the cure?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Anal complaints are painful and feel like a lump is indeed a symptom that can be found in hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, but this is not necessarily what you experience.

Because for other symptoms that you experience, namely hot and cold at night, this is not a symptom that is commonly found in hemorrhoid sufferers. And for symptoms of pain and lumps that can still be found in other conditions, such as pus accumulation in the anal area, abnormal tissue growth, bacterial and viral infections, and many other possibilities depending on the results of the examination.

So we suggest that you should check your condition with a general practitioner, or you can go directly to a surgeon to confirm the diagnosis through a series of history searches and direct observations. If it turns out to be hemorrhoid, your doctor will judge the degree to which hemorrhoids you have. If it includes an already high degree, the treatment must be done with action, it can be surgery, laser or plaster, not only with medication.

While it is not certain, avoid worsening by consuming vegetables and fruit, multiply the consumption of fluids, avoid lifting heavy objects, do not push too hard when defecating, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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