Anal Sex?

Hello, nI am Dianne and have a question. So I have lots of friends who are homosexual and who I know that they have anal intercourse. My question is, can someone have an orgasm if they are penetrated through the rectum? Isn’t it that the rectum does not have sensitive nerves like the vagina?

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Hi Dianne,

First of all it should be noted that, anal sex is also performed by heterosexual couples, not just homosexual couples. Orgasm in homosexual partners will be easier than in heterosexual couples, where women do not have pleasure that comes from prostate stimulation as in homosexual partners.

The rectum certainly has quite sensitive nerves, although, in women, it cannot cause an orgasm the same as the vagina. However, the anal and vaginal canal is located side by side and can trigger orgasm from existing penetration, if done properly.

In homosexual partners, male orgasm can arise only from stimulation of the prostate in the rectal area.

You can read a reference to this article about prostate induced orgasm at the following link: Prostate

Of course, anal sex is known to have a greater risk to health. Some of the dangerous risks that can arise are:

Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases
Risk of bleeding
Risk of damaged anus, weakened muscle rings

That's the explanation, hope it can help

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