Anal Sex

Illustration of Anal Sex
Illustration: Anal Sex

Hello doc, I’m a gay, 25-year-old male. I’ve had anal sex with my friend for 1 year, not forgetting to use safety devices and lubricants. Will it still be safe dock? Because so far there are no problems

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Hello Simpal, thank you for asking at

Intimate intercourse with the same sex is indeed included in high-risk sexual behavior which can be one way for the transmission of various sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

The use of safety devices (condoms) during intercourse can indeed help reduce the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases but it does not guarantee 100% that you or your intimate partner will never be infected by sexually transmitted diseases in the future.

Although it does not guarantee 100%, if you have intercourse, still make sure you and your partner always use a condom every time they have intercourse, and try not to change partners for intercourse to further minimize the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, be sure to always maintain the cleanliness of the genitals and anus, especially after having sex.

It is also advisable to consult further with a doctor to determine whether you need regular sexually transmitted diseases and HIV checks based on your condition so far.

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