Anal Tumor Pathology Results

Illustration of Anal Tumor Pathology Results
Illustration: Anal Tumor Pathology Results

Doc 2 weeks ago my family had rectal tumor surgery with lab results that just came out today that the adenocarcinoma rectum is well differentiated. What does that mean? Due to not being able to meet with the doctor at the Fatmawati Hospital, I also ask the complaints now, it is difficult to defecate and become dizzy, such as lack of blood.

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Recurrent carcinoma is a rectal malignancy with the most types of adenocarcinomas (adenocarcinoma rectum). Various risk factors can trigger the occurrence of multiple carcinomas including age, obesity, smoking, and so on.

The division of the degree of malignancy of the tumor for adenocarcinoma based on WHO criteria is:

Grade I: well differentiated tumors means that they contain glandular structures> 95%
Grade II: tumors are moderately differentiated, meaning they contain 50-95% glandular components
Grade III: poorly differentiated tumors, meaning that they contain 5-50% glandular components, including adenocarcinoma musinosum and signet ring cell carcinoma

Grade IV: undifferentiated tumors, meaning glandular component content <5%, including medular adenocarcinoma

Related to your question about the difficult situation of defecating and weak it can occur due to consumption of food that is lacking or lack of food ingredients containing fiber. To find out the cause of course must be examined directly. To overcome this, try to multiply the meaning of vegetables and fruit as a source of fiber, just consume enough water, and avoid holding BAB. Giving laxatives can be used, but must be careful in several conditions such as hypertension, kidney disorders, and heart disease. So it is recommended that if complaints continue to occur, it is better to immediately consult your doctor.

You can read complete information about cancer, here: REKTI CANCER

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