Animal Protein Allergy?

I’ve never had any allergies before. But after this year, I often had peacock patches on my skin and itchy. Starting from the feet, then hands, body, neck and back. Recently this allergy has appeared. I have consulted 2 different doctors. The first doctor gave me oral medication and ointment. I thought that was enough, but instead it appeared again in a different place even after the medicine ran out. Then I went to the second doctor, the second doctor said it was an allergy to animal protein. I try not to eat chicken, eggs and all their products. But still it shows up. I don’t drink milk and eat seafood anymore to see what happens. But still new itchy red patches appeared. It’s been a year since these red spots have come, and when they don’t itch, they’ll turn black. Doctor what should I do, even though I have tried to find the cause of the animal protein, but it still doesn’t work. The ointment given by the doctor also does not work to get rid of the itching. Maybe the doctor has any suggestions? thank you

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Hello, good afternoon Yamanaka.

Recurrent (recurrent) reddish spots on almost the entire body can be caused by several possibilities:

allergy (urticaria) / hives. This allergic condition can be caused by food or weather atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema), which is inflammation of the skin surface that is thought to be associated with an allergic reaction. Several things can trigger this condition, such as sensitive skin, dry skin, immune system disorders, environmental conditions, variations in genes that affect the skin's protective function, and the presence of bacterial infections. The symptoms of atopic eczema are mostly recurrent, even without a clear trigger. contact dermatitis, is almost the same as allergies due to food / weather, but in contact dermatitis skin inflammation occurs due to skin contact with certain substances that cause allergic reactions or irritation, for example, the content of chemicals found in soaps, lotions, perfumes, as well as detergents / fragrances used when washing clothes. psoriasis fungal infection, which is chronic skin inflammation associated with autoo-immune disease (the body's immune system mistakenly recognizes its own body cells and considers them to be foreign cells so that the body's immune system attacks its own body cells) etc.

We cannot conclude what condition is causing your complaint without seeing and examining your skin condition firsthand. Considering that you have experienced this complaint for a year, we suggest that you consult a doctor who is an expert in his field, namely a skin disease specialist, and you should not delay to have a checkup. If the doctor who examines you suspects allergies, then the doctor will likely recommend a skin lab examination such as a skin prick test or patch test to find out exactly what substance is causing an allergic reaction in you, so you can control yourself from the substance that triggers it.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the schedule to see a dermatologist, there are several suggestions from us to reduce symptoms and prevent worsening of symptoms, namely:

avoid scratching itchy body conditions, if it is unbearable, you can rub it with your palms, replace your bath soap with a bath soap that does not contain antiseptic substances, fragrances, and alcohol, because these ingredients can make the skin tend to be more dry and irritated easily, so itching is easier to feel. You can use baby soap for a while, which tends to be more moist, rinse clothes after washing with detergent until clean, because, as mentioned above, the content in detergents can also irritate the skin if the itching is very annoying, you can use a calamine lotion / powder shake for reduce itching

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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