Anorexia Disorders?

Illustration of Anorexia Disorders?
Illustration: Anorexia Disorders?

can anorexia interfere with the nervous system?

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Anorexia is a psychological condition in which strict food restrictions occur by vomiting food, limiting the amount of food that enters. This is usually related to feeling seeing the body experiencing excessive weight and not satisfied with the condition of the body profile. Some things that should be done are

 Begin positive thinking Convey your concerns to people you trust Start eating with good and healthy nutrition Start to switch to exercise too Anorexia conditions if restrictions are too tight then the nutrients received will not meet nutritional needs such as one of them in green vegetables and meat will be available the content of vitamin B which also plays a role for the condition of nerve development if there is a deficiency can lead to early symptoms such as easy tingling, discomfort at the fingertips. So it is best to maintain a good lifestyle.

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