Anti Aging?

Illustration of Anti Aging?
Illustration: Anti Aging?

For beginners select retinol or retionid. My heart is wrinkled, dull. Uneven color. Black spots

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Hello Yuni, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question

Retinoids are a class of drugs whose structure is related to vitamin A. Many benefits of retionoids for health. One of the benefits of this retinoid is to treat facial beauty by removing pimples, wrinkles, maintaining skin elasticity, brightening spots caused by sunlight, etc.

Some examples of drugs with retinoids are Adapalene, Isotretinoin, Retinol, Tretinoin. Responding to your question between retonol and retinoids, retinol is a drug that is classified as retinoids.

In retinoid use it should not be arbitrary and must be with a doctor's recommendation. Some effects may appear as reddish skin, such as burning, such as stinging, tingling, itching, dryness, swelling, peeling, irritation, to changes in skin color.

Some things that should be considered in using retinoids are:

 Pregnant mother. Have other skin problems such as eczema, skin cancer, etc. Have kidney, liver disease, etc. Be careful about using retinoids on sensitive skin. If allergies occur immediately to the doctor. My advice to you, you should consult a dermatologist to deal with the problems you are experiencing. You may need actions such as laser, facials, etc.

That's all the answers I can give, hopefully it helps.

Thank you :)

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