Anti JO-1 Antibody +?

Illustration of Anti JO-1 Antibody +?
Illustration: Anti JO-1 Antibody +?

Dr, want to ask if the blood test results: the anti JO-1 antibody is positive, what’s the danger?

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The Jo-1 Antibody Test, Serum IgG is useful for evaluating patients with symptoms that suggest connective tissue disease, especially those with muscle pain or organ weakness, along with symptoms of lung disorders, Raynaud's phenomenon, and arthritis.

Jo-1 (histidyl tRNA synthetase) is a member of the amino acyl-tRNA family of enzymes that can be found in all nucleated cells. Jo-1 antibodies in polymyositis patients bind to the epitope of the enzyme protein conformation and inhibit catalytic activity in vitro.

The Jo-1 antibody is a marker of polyomyositis disease, and occurs most frequently in myositis patients who also have interstitial lung disease. Antibodies are found in 50% of patients with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and symmetric polyarthritis.

Reference values ​​for the Jo-1 Antibody:

<1.0 is negative

> = 1.0 is positive

This reference value applies to all ages. A positive result for the Jo-1 antibody is consistent with a diagnosis of polymyositis and indicates an increased risk of pulmonary fibrosia. It should also be noted, however, that the Jo-1 antibody test is not significant in patients with negative results on the antinuclear antibody test.

Polymyositis is a condition that causes inflammation and weakness in the muscles. This disease can affect the work of the muscles throughout the body, but generally attacks the muscles of the shoulders, thighs and hips. Polymyositis sufferers usually have difficulty lifting the body after sitting, reaching and lifting weights or objects, and climbing stairs.

Polymyositis symptoms:

1. Pain and swelling of the muscles

2. Joint pain

3. Fatigue

4. Fever

5. Raynaud's phenomenon, which is a condition in which the fingers or toes become cold and change color due to disruption of blood flow.

6. Difficulty swallowing

7. Shortness of breath is caused by heart and lung problems

8. Weight loss

9. The red or purple area around the eyes.

Until now, polymyositis cannot be cured, but treatment is still being done to relieve symptoms. Treatment in the form of: anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressant drugs and physiotherapy. In addition, rest, warm compresses, use of a corset or other braces are recommended, to help reduce symptoms and aid muscle movement.

We recommend that you consult directly with an Allergy Immunology Specialist or Internal Medicine Specialist, so that a physical examination, laboratory examination or other supporting support can be carried out, and appropriate treatment.

Thus, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Vallensia Nurdiana Febriyanti.

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