Antibiotic Allergy Does Not Heal For 5 Months.?

Illustration of Antibiotic Allergy Does Not Heal For 5 Months.?
Illustration: Antibiotic Allergy Does Not Heal For 5 Months.?

Hello,., I have been suffering from Amoxicillin for about 5 months. When I buy antihistamines at pharmacies, there are generic and non-generic antihistamines, which antihistamines are most suitable for getting rid of antibiotic allergies?

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Previously, of course you have to make sure in advance whether the allergy that you experience is an amoxicillin allergy. Drug allergies can occur when taking drugs a second time or more and will disappear within 1-2 days if you do not consume these drugs again. If the symptoms of allergies that you experience last up to 5 months, it needs to be questioned again, whether you continue to consume drugs that make you allergic, or you are allergic to other things, or the symptoms that you experience are not caused by allergies.

Basically, generic or non-generic antihistamine drugs that have the same content will have more or less the same effectiveness in dealing with allergies. It is recommended that before you take antihistamines you first make sure that your symptoms are caused by allergies, and if you want to buy antihistamines, choose antihistamines which are over-the-counter drugs (drugs with green circle labels) or limited over-the-counter drugs (drugs with blue circle labels ), do not buy antihistamine drugs as a class of hard drugs (drugs with a red circle label). To be more safe, it helps you check with your doctor first so that you can know with certainty the cause of the symptoms that you are experiencing.

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