Antibiotics For Children Under 1 Year.?

Illustration of Antibiotics For Children Under 1 Year.?
Illustration: Antibiotics For Children Under 1 Year.?

Good afternoon, U003cbr u003e u003cbr u003 My child (aged 10-11 months) this morning checked with a pediatrician at the hospital near my residence (Mojosari, East Java).

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Phlegm cough accompanied by colds in infants may have many causes. Among the most common causes of this complaint are allergies, can be due to cold, dust, pollen, animal hair, or other allergens. In addition to coughing and runny nose, allergic babies often experience sneezing, red and runny eyes, itchy nose and eyes, so they become more fussy, have trouble sleeping, and tend to be lazy to eat and drink. In addition to allergies, coughs and colds in infants can also occur due to bacterial infections, viral infections, exposure to dry air or extreme temperatures, irritation of the airways (for example due to inhalation of certain chemical fumes), and so on.

If coughs and colds do not improve within 3 days with natural treatments at home, or if there are more severe complaints, for example fever, spasms, vomiting, etc., you do indeed need to have your baby checked by a doctor for further evaluation and treatment. . With his competence and experience, doctors can generally give your baby the best management according to his condition. If deemed necessary, the doctor may also recommend additional examinations, such as x-rays, laboratories, and so on.

In mild cases, frequent coughing and colds in infants can be treated by administering several types of drugs. Not always antibiotics, some other types of drugs that are symptomatic, anti-viral drugs, and others can also be given by doctors as long as there are clear medical indications. Antibiotics only need to be given if a cough and cold is suspected to be associated with a bacterial infection.

The medicines your doctor gives to your baby aren't all antibiotics. There are among these drugs that are to overcome allergies, coughing, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, thinning phlegm, relieve itching, and so on. Indeed, not all drugs are safe for infants. However, if there are medical indications that require it, giving it to the baby is not absolutely prohibited, back again, as long as it is done under the supervision of a doctor.

Considering that the medicines that the doctor gives are not included in the class of over-the-counter medicines, and also because we do not examine your baby directly, we are not authorized to judge whether the treatment that the doctor has given is appropriate or not. Our advice, you ask for a second opinion by checking your baby back to the doctor or another child's specialist doctor for the good of your own baby huh ..

In addition to giving him medication as directed by your doctor, you should also do the following tricks so that your baby's complaints improve:

Feed him more breast milk
Also give him a healthy and nutritious MPASI, interspersed with fruits rich in vitamin C
Avoid giving food or drinks cold, too oily, and contain excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners in infants
Keep baby from smoke, dust, cigarettes and other potential allergens
Keep the environment around the baby clean
If someone else is around a baby who has an infectious airway infection, keep it away from the baby, or ask him to wear a mask when making close contact with the baby
Do not carelessly give other medicines to babies without a doctor's prescription

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