Illustration of Antibody
Illustration: Antibody

Are antibodies only formed when our bodies are exposed to bacteria, viruses, and poisons?

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Antibodies (immunoglobulins) are a type of protein produced by plasma cells (differentiated B lymphocytes) in response when there is an antigen in the body. This antigen can come from viral matter, bacteria, and so on. Antibodies are included in the adaptive immune response and are specific to a particular antigen.

For example:

One day your body got infected with A virus
Your immunity will recognize as a foreign antigen. If your immune response is normal, it will start producing antibodies to the antigen and "fight" the antigen
Some antibodies will stay in the body for a long time
The next time the body is entered by antigen A, antibodies against antigen A can more easily combat it, so that the patient does not get sick again or if the pain is only mild symptoms

Antibodies are used by the medical world in both diagnostic and therapeutic (treatment) sections. Examination of certain specific antibodies, can provide clues that the patient has been infected with certain microorganisms. It can also be determined that the infection is temporary (acute) or a long-standing infection and the patient is cured now. Giving antibodies (immunoglobulin) is also done in certain cases such as tetanus or hepatitis.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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