Anticipating Expired Food.?

Illustration of Anticipating Expired Food.?
Illustration: Anticipating Expired Food.?

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The expiration date on the package shows how long the quality of the food is still in the closed package. Packaged foods have been packaged with good pressure and moisture to keep food durable before use. This packaging keeps harmful bacteria or parasites from getting into our food and being eaten by us.

When the package is opened, the expiration date is no longer valid. You can read the food packaging again, usually food packaging will provide information on how to store food properly, for example "store in the refrigerator after opening" or "store at room temperature". Fresh foods, such as eggs, milk, and yogurt do not last long after opening (about 1 week or less) even after being properly stored. We recommend that you enjoy the food immediately after opening it. Each food has its own "freshness" period. Make sure the food you are eating does not smell, change color, or change shape.

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