Antioxidant Sluplement For Postoperative Recovery?

Illustration of Antioxidant Sluplement For Postoperative Recovery?
Illustration: Antioxidant Sluplement For Postoperative Recovery?

Good morning doctor, I want a consultation, it’s been 1 month I am recovering from a cesarean section because of childbirth 2 because the fetus is in breech. For 2 days, the operation wound was like a sharp pain. The Javanese is handsome. Now I ask for a pain reliever. By the husband of a pharmacy given Squalene sluplemen. My questions 1. Can it help with pain relief with sluplemen? Can I consume it by breastfeeding mother? Question 2: For example, if I want to get pregnant again can the birth of a third child be normal, but I have had a previous Caesarean section.

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Squalene supplements are substances that are rich in antioxidants. Squalene in the form of packaging generally comes from fish oil which is developed and mixed with various multivitamins and other minerals. The function of squalene is often used to maintain skin health, the presence of antioxidants can prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, reduce the risk of increasing cholesterol levels, help increase endurance etc.

Although Squalene can be consumed by nursing mothers, its safety is still in doubt. There is no scientific evidence related to the effects / risks of using this supplement. This supplement cannot be used as a pain reliever, because it does not have anti-pain properties. If you feel pain in the cesarean section, consume a safe pain reliever for breastfeeding mothers such as Paracetamol and get enough rest and avoid strenuous activity.

The opportunity to give birth normally with a history of caesarean delivery (SC) may still be possible with several considerations including a history of previous labor, if the first and second child with a cesarean section, then it is likely that in subsequent pregnancies it is advisable to do the operation again, the distance of the pregnancy second and third are also noteworthy.
Obstetric / obstetric studies from the United States provide information that women who have a history of cesarean section in the first pregnancy can successfully deliver a normal delivery in a subsequent pregnancy. Of course this is not immune from various supporting factors such as the health of the mother and the fetus they contain, the presence or absence of chronic illnesses suffered by mothers such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., and fetal conditions including fetal position, fetal weight, gestational age and type of surgery ever performed beforehand include the type of incision in the former caesarean section or other types of abdominal surgery.
So that medical considerations are required by obstetricians to determine exactly whether in your next pregnancy you can have a normal delivery. That is because of the many factors that must be considered and considered.
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