Anus Sore When Defecating.?

Illustration of Anus Sore When Defecating.?
Illustration: Anus Sore When Defecating.?

Good evening with me riyanti want to ask after giving birth it’s been almost 2 months why every time the bowel comes out my anus is sore but there’s no blood and the lump is the cause huh? Is there a connection with the post-natal suture wound to the anus? Thank you

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Several conditions can be a cause of complaints from mothers, namely:
1. Due to labor injuries that have not improved completely. Usually the doctor will say that there are stitches during labor. The doctor will also convey let alone the wound to the anus or not.
2. Internal hemorrhoids, which are hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids found in the inside of the anus, so that it can not feel any lumps out.
3. Inflammation in the anus
Mothers should control according to the schedule that the obstetrician has determined, so that labor examinations can be done. The doctor will give an antibiotic ointment if there are still wounds that have not dried.
Meanwhile, you should not give any fluid to the pubic area without the knowledge of your doctor. Because the liquid can cause irritation and can interfere with the life of good bacteria in the genital organs. Consumption of lots of water (ie more than 2 L a day) and consumption of fibrous foods so that the bowel movement is smooth and can reduce pain during bowel movements. Change clothes regularly 2 times a day and if moist to prevent the development of bacteria that cause infection.
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