Anxiety And Fear After Excessive Imagination?

Illustration of Anxiety And Fear After Excessive Imagination?
Illustration: Anxiety And Fear After Excessive Imagination?

Hello. So in the past few months I have often imagined something. Sometimes that imagination makes me anxious and afraid. For example, if someone / my family is going somewhere, I would think of excessive things such as whether they arrived safely and I imagine if something happens to them. That made me very very worried. I wonder if my condition is a disease or something else? Thank you

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Basically, anxiety is one of the body's normal responses to a stressor. The existence of anxiety can increase alertness and caution so that it can protect you (physically or mentally) from something that has not or will happen. Occurrence of anxiety over time is very normal.

A person is said to have abnormal anxiety or anxiety disorder if the anxiety he has is too excessive (including worrying about small things that do not need to) to interfere with the functions of daily life (making people unable to work, can not learn, can not socialize well, or can not take care of himself properly). Having anxiety when a close relative is away is normal. This becomes abnormal if you still feel anxious even though your family has called and reported that they are fine, your anxiety makes you unable to work or study because of thinking about your family continuously, or make you experience panic attacks.

If you feel that your anxiety is so excessive that it interferes with the functioning of your life, you should consult a psychiatrist so that you can further evaluate and manage it.

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