Anxiety At Night Accompanied By Cold Sweat And Feeling Stressed?

Illustration of Anxiety At Night Accompanied By Cold Sweat And Feeling Stressed?
Illustration: Anxiety At Night Accompanied By Cold Sweat And Feeling Stressed?

The last few years every night when all family members have gone to sleep, I will just break out in a cold sweat and always feel like I’m going to die right then and there, until now. To really sleep, I have to do some things that keep my brain busy and asleep, or if I’m just pensive, then I will return to cold sweat and feel like I’m going to die. Then in the afternoon, I was fairly active and cheerful, always making everything a joke. But if I have just one problem, I will remember for the next few weeks and disrupt my activities makes me look depressed and not as excited as usual. Like last Sunday, the finances in my house were plummeting, making my parents look noisy several times. At home there are only me and my parents, my two sisters are married and left home. I felt alone and did not know what to do until the time the argument grew. I just kept quiet and tried not to care in front of them by playing with my cellphone. But when I go to school, in the morning, afternoon, evening I will keep quiet or worst will cry. I read on the internet if some of my symptoms are similar to bipolar and night depression. I am confused,. Every night I am scared, every morning until evening I am cheerful and active.

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Hello Winanda, thank you for asking

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

The symptoms that you tell cause a number of possibilities that happen to you. Psychiatric disorders are mental disorders that cause interference with one's mindset, mood, and behavior. Someone who has mental / psychiatric disorders does not mean someone who is "crazy", but that person is someone who really needs help.

Some things that might happen to you are:

 Bipolar disorder. Depression Disorders. Anxiety Disorders. Of the three possibilities above, there are similarities in some of the symptoms that arise. In Bipolar, there will be changes in mania / pleasure episodes, followed by depressive symptoms afterwards. Changes can take place quickly or in a few moments. In severe symptoms even patients can have thoughts of suicide.

In depressive disorders characterized by mood disorders / mood which is characterized by feelings of deep sadness, and a sense of not caring. These symptoms are felt for at least 2 weeks. In depressive disorders there are no episodes of mania / pleasure. In severe symptoms can also arise thoughts to end life.

While the symptoms of anxiety disorders, which will be felt more is an autonomic complaint such as trembling, cold sweating, nausea, palpitations, etc. without any obvious cause. In this disorder there is no desire to commit suicide. But anxiety disorders can cause depression continuously.

There are several risk factors regarding the incidence of mental disorders such as:

 Stressors are heavy and come continuously. A person who is not strong in facing temptation. Genetic. Negative experiences, or traumatic events. Take certain medicines. Complaints that occur to you are included in the things that you have to worry about. So I suggest you to see a psychiatrist, in order to get therapy, intensive care, and assistance so that your complaints will be reduced.

Right now what you can do is:

 Tell the problem you are experiencing to the people closest to you, share the suffering to ease you. Immediately see a doctor, while you can still feel something is wrong with yourself, apart from your complaints that are already classified as severe that comes to suicide. Meditation can calm the soul and mind. Perform positive activities such as regular exercise, attend religious events, run certain hobby hobbies. Ask for assistance to people you trust during the treatment period to provide moral support to you. That's all the answers I give, hopefully you answer.

Thank you :)

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