Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks And Schizophrenia.?

Illustration of Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks And Schizophrenia.?
Illustration: Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks And Schizophrenia.?

At night, I was diagnosed with panic disorder, can this panic disorder develop into schizophrenia ?? I have never heard a whisper, just a ringing head, and sometimes when I am going to do something, I am afraid to imagine that something will happen as if it was real until I panicked, but after nothing happened, I did an activity until I could also imagine things that have not happened or are scary. focus)

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Panic disorder (panic disorder) is characterized by the occurrence of sudden panic attacks repeatedly without knowing the time and location. Patients with this disorder always feel afraid because of panic attacks that continue to occur. Usually it can also be accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, nausea, spasms, feelings like being suffocated, and numbness. Panic disorders are more experienced by young women.

Meanwhile, paranoid schizophrenia is a collection of chronic psychotic symptoms with characteristics in the form of disturbances in thought content (errands [beliefs that are not in accordance with reality but are maintained and cannot be changed logically]), thought processes (ideas that move around and are unrelated , the formation of new words, etc.), perceptions (hallucinations of sounds / visions / smells, illusions, feeling the environment changes, feels himself changing), and / or emotions (flat, dull, or mismatched moods).

Risk factors for schizophrenia include biological factors (organic disorders of the nervous system), biochemical factors (disorders of chemical compounds for nerve transmission), and genetic factors (family history of schizophrenia). Although not classified as a risk factor, panic disorder and schizophrenia do not rule out the possibility to occur in the same individual. A number of case reports have been published that report cases of co-morbidity of both disorders.

It should always be understood that the diagnosis of a psychiatric problem can only be done through an examination by a doctor or a specialist in psychiatry. You are advised to consult a doctor or psychiatric specialist directly. The doctor will invest in a history of the disease and associated biopsychosocial factors, examine the physical, and plan for investigations if indications are found. With the right assessment, appropriate treatment can be given by the doctor.

Your doctor can provide supportive psychotherapy to help you manage stress, recognize symptoms, and control yourself when complaints arise. If necessary, the doctor can also provide drugs to help deal with the disease.

As a suggestion, you should talk about complaints that are felt to those closest to you who can be trusted and believed to support therapy. Support from the people closest is very supportive of the success of therapy. Also continue activities that you enjoy so that you can channel your feelings through positive things.

Thus information from us. May be useful.

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