Anxiety That Causes Indigestion.?

Illustration of Anxiety That Causes Indigestion.?
Illustration: Anxiety That Causes Indigestion.?

Can anxiety really affect digestion? Every time I have a problem and see something that I don’t want, my stomach is getting mules, my appetite is also decreasing, I want my heart to eat, but after taking food, maybe I can only take two mouthfuls. I also read and looked for psychomatric symptoms. Please explain, thank you.

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Hello Rezzaltviana,

Thank you for the question.

Psychological conditions, it can indirectly affect physical complaints, including eating patterns. When you are psychically depressed, for example due to anxiety, sadness, or excessive fear, then your body will produce a lot of stress hormones, which can also affect the work of your digestive tract, such as increasing stomach acid production, changing gastrointestinal motility, while also changing the sensitivity of the channel digestion against stomach acids and other digestive secretions. Impact, not only heartburn and decreased appetite, you can also experience nausea, stomach cramps, bloating, burning, tightness, diarrhea, constipation, and many other complaints.

Not always your condition refers to psychiatric disorders, such as psychosomatic disorders. It could also be that your complaint purely arises because of anxiety that is natural and temporary. But indeed, if this condition occurs continuously, it is not impossible that this indicates that you have a psychiatric disorder. Not only psychosomatic disorders, other conditions such as excessive anxiety disorders, specific phobias, delusional disorders, and so on can also cause complaints like you experience. Organic disorders, such as intestinal inflammation, allergies or food malabsorption, dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, viral or bacterial infections, liver disorders, disorders of the bladder or bile ducts, etc. can also cause changes in diet.

If a new complaint has arisen lately, it's good that you didn't worry. Resolve your complaint first by:

 Expand to do relaxation, such as by more solemn worship, take a vacation, do a hobby Live your days to the best of your ability, then submit the results to God, who is the Best Determinant of Human Destiny, so no need to worry too much Know, that not all things in this world must go according to our wishes and plans, but rest assured that God's plan is the best Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, such as getting up early, sleeping more regularly, exercising daily, not smoking, staying away from alcohol and drugs Live the pattern eat healthy and regular, a little but often When the stomach feels uncomfortable, do not consume spicy foods, sour, bersantan, oily, and excessive gassing Do not also get used to consuming coffee, tea, soft drinks, and excessive energy drinks Apply compresses warm to your heartburn Do not get used to eating carelessly Even so, you are still advised to check direct yourself to the doctor or psychiatrist if the complaint still does not improve with the tricks above. With his competence and experience, surely doctors will more precisely determine what the best treatment for your condition is.

Hope this helps ...

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