Illustration of Anxious
Illustration: Anxious

Hello. Good morning dock, my name is Bambang hernata age 47 years living in Jakarta I want to ask in my complaint doc: Why yes, in the left and right chest I get sick to the ribs often as painful as a prick and my neck strangled like a doc, and now it’s also always in the mind that there is anxiety / fear of the doc actually what’s up yes: Please guide me doctor, what should I do how to cure it thank you

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Hello Mr. Bambang Hernata,

Complaints of chest pain can arise due to organic and non-organic (psychological) disorders. In the chest area there are many tissues and organs, ranging from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, bones, lungs, and heart. Abnormalities in these tissues or organs can cause complaints of pain.

Chest pain associated with a heart attack requires immediate treatment, usually having the following characteristics:

Chest pain on the left or behind the middle bone of the chest, the patient cannot pinpoint the area with pain
Pain such as being overwritten by heavy objects or as tied
Chest pain can spread to the neck - jaw or left arm
Pain mainly arises after activity
Can be accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath, sweating a lot, nausea, palpitations, feeling like fainting

Aside from a heart attack, chest pain (which is sharp like being pricked) can occur in the following diseases:

Disorders of the chest muscles: muscle strains, muscle spasms (generally influenced by activity)
Disorders of the sternum: broken ribs (usually a history of trauma), cartilage infection
Pulmonary disorders: pleurisy, pneumothorax, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (especially in smokers)
Heart disorders: coronary heart disease, pericarditis, congestive heart failure, myocarditis
Disorders of the digestive tract: pancreatitis, abscesses in the liver
Psychological disorders such as anxiety, psychosomatic disorders

To determine the cause of chest pain that you experience, of course you need a direct examination by a doctor. Organic disorders will certainly show signs on physical examination and supporting examinations such as x-rays, heart records, CT-scans, MRI, and so on (which is adjusted to the doctor's suspicion of certain diseases). If no organic disorders are found, then think about the possibility of psychological disorders that cause these complaints. Doctors also need to take a deeper history to look for other symptoms that meet the diagnostic criteria for certain mental disorders.

Fear or anxiety is natural when we feel pain. Naturally, a human is afraid of experiencing certain diseases. Fear is then what brings humans to check themselves further to get an answer / diagnosis. However, it will become a problem / disorder when fear and anxiety are unreasonable (for example, it has been proven healthy but still afraid / anxious) and excessive so that the patient is unable to move normally or even cause interpersonal relations.

Treatment of pain in the chest, adjusted for the underlying cause. Musculoskeletal (muscle-bone) disorders, the pain can be reduced with pain-reducing drugs such as NSAIDs or when opioid (according to the doctor's prescription). Pain due to cardiac abnormalities certainly requires heart medications, for example to dilate blood vessels, blood thinners, etc. If due to psychological disorders such as anxiety disorders, counseling therapy (psychotherapy) is needed so that patients are able to deal with the stress they experience well and are added to drugs such as antianxietas.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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