Anyang Anyangan Never Healed Accompanied By Right Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Anyang Anyangan Never Healed Accompanied By Right Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Anyang Anyangan Never Healed Accompanied By Right Abdominal Pain?

Hi, r nI experienced honeycystitis at first, after taking the drug gradually for 1 week and after that I experienced anyang anyang after taking the scopma medication, antibiotics and enystein gradually improved for about 2 weeks and I experienced anyang back again for the last time taken is papaverine. Ras wants to urinate itching and pain and right abdomen and back pain as well but after urinating itching and pain disappear, but I drink 1-3L per day, it seems every drink anyang feeling anyang diminished. What should I do? The doctor suggested I have an ultrasound

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Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder lining. Infection in the bladder usually starts from the urethra or the channel that connects the bladder to the hole where the urine is released. Irritation of the urethra causes race heat and pain when urinating. Anyangangan and pain in the abdomen is a symptom that often occurs in patients with cystitis. This infection can spread to one or both kidneys, causing more serious illness. Pain in the back that you feel may make the doctor who examined you suspect the spread to the kidneys, so doctors recommend an ultrasound examination to determine the condition of your kidneys. You should follow the doctor's advice. If you have taken antibiotics several times and it does not improve, you should ask your doctor to undergo a urine culture examination to find out the bacteria that causes the infection you are experiencing and which antibiotic is most suitable for the bacteria. Meanwhile, you can also drink more. Drink it every time you feel the symptoms you mentioned. Avoid consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, soda, or juice. Avoid taking antibiotics without doctor's instructions. It's best if you seek treatment at the same doctor or at least a doctor at the same hospital, so that your medication record can be clearly seen from the start. If you want to ask for the opinion of a specialist in internal medicine or obstetrician, bring all the drugs that you are taking and have ever taken.

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