Appendicitis Results In Appendicitis?

Illustration of Appendicitis Results In Appendicitis?
Illustration: Appendicitis Results In Appendicitis?

Tonight, permission to ask from the results of the USG stated,

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The McBurney Region is a designation for a part of the abdomen that is at two-thirds of the distance between the center and the upper front pelvis (spinal ilaka superior anterior, SIAS), or which is often inhabited by the appendix (appendix).

When inflamed, the appendix can make the sufferer feel pain in the stomach, which initially feels around the navel, but then moves to the McBurney region. This pain can be accompanied by nausea, chills, chills, bowel obstruction, urination disorders, decreased appetite, and many other complaints. However, the diagnosis of this disease can only be made through a direct physical examination also an ultrasound by a doctor.

On ultrasound examination, appendicitis will appear as an enlarged appendix (more than 6 mm). The appendix wall can also appear to be thickened, swollen, and non-compressible. It seems that the appearance of rounded lesions resembling the target sign on ultrasound examination also typically indicates inflammation of the appendix, which makes the appendix appear to be missing or invisible. In more severe cases, where there has been a bowel tear (perforation), then there can be seen free fluid in the abdominal cavity.

However, it needs to be understood, that the interpretation of the results of supporting examinations, including ultrasound in patients with appendicitis, is only appropriate for doctors, surgeons, or internists who examine directly. Therefore, the results of this examination must be confirmed again with clinical symptoms that appear and the results of other tests performed. Therefore, you should ask this matter directly with the doctor who examined you.

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