Illustration of Appendicogram?
Illustration: Appendicogram?

I want to ask. Yesterday I tested BNO everything was good. Then the appendicogram test results. So the result is the appendix is ​​not filled with contrast. But impression: non filling / non visualizes the appendix. So I want to ask. I have appendicitis or something? NThank you ☺

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Hello Nurlina,

The appendix or appendix is ​​the part of the intestine that is located usually in the lower right stomach, its position attached to the cecum (the initial part of the large intestine). Inflammation of the appendix can cause complaints of lower right abdominal pain accompanied by nausea / vomiting, no appetite and fever.

The appendicogram examination aims to assess any abnormalities in the appendix. The appendix, like other intestines, has a lumen (cavity) in the middle that should be filled with fluid (for example: contrast fluid). If there is a narrowing or blockage, the contrast fluid cannot enter so that the lumen of the appendix cannot be photographed (non-filling / non-visualized appendix). The constriction of the appendix can be caused by an inflammatory process due to infection, blockage of a foreign body, or due to a tumor.

The main treatment for appendicitis (appendicitis) is appendectomy surgery. This action can be performed by surgery on the abdomen or using the laparoscopic technique. In cases of chronic appendicitis with mild symptoms, surgery is not necessary immediately, doctors usually provide antibiotics and pain relievers. It is recommended that you consult further with a surgeon specialist to determine the best therapy for your condition.

An untreated complication of appendicitis is peritonitis. When the appendix ruptures, the fluid that contains germs will cause inflammation in the inner lining of the stomach wall. Peritonitis is characterized by severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, unable to defecate, high fever, weakness, and loss of consciousness.

Hopefully the explanation above is useful.

Dr. Saphira Evani

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