Appendix But Not In Operation What Impact?

Illustration of Appendix But Not In Operation What Impact?
Illustration: Appendix But Not In Operation What Impact?

Doc, I was declared appendicitis, but the doctor gave me a choice whether to seek treatment first or directly surgery. I chose treatment first. Is it dangerous to dock if it is not operated immediately?

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Basically patients with appendicitis who do not experience complications (not broken) can indeed be treated in 2 ways, given antibiotic medication alone, or immediately performed appendicitis removal surgery. If you do not experience complications of appendicitis, then you are still allowed to choose treatment with antibiotics first. In 90% of people who experience appendicitis without complications given antibiotics, administration of antibiotics alone can cure appendicitis that occurs. Meanwhile the remaining 10% still requires surgery too (failed therapy with antibiotics). You also need to know that of the 90% of people who recover without surgery, 30% experience appendicitis again and eventually require appendectomy in the first year.

Therapy with antibiotics alone has several advantages such as the pain that is felt to be lower or equal to people undergoing surgery, lower pain needs, and a faster recovery period. Therefore you may choose not to operate and undergo treatment with antibiotics alone. But you need to consider that there is a possibility of failing therapy with antibiotics and you also need surgery in the end, and there is also a possibility that your appendicitis will be able to return later.

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