Illustration of Appendix?
Illustration: Appendix?

Hello, I want to ask, my child has appendicitis, after surgery my child feels pain in the abdomen that has just been operated on, how long to get rid of the pain, is it dangerous, please answer

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Need to be clear, when exactly does your child undergo appendectomy? What type of surgery was performed before (open surgery or laparoscopy)?

The appendix which has its definitive inflammation is treated with surgery. There are 2 types of appendicitis operations, namely those that involve open surgery (laparotomy) or with the help of a small camera connected to the tube (laparoscopy). As with other medical procedures, each type of operation certainly has its own risks. But often, with the experience and competence of doctors who perform, the risk of dangerous complications after appendicitis can be prevented and handled properly.

Pain in the former appendix surgery is usually a natural thing as part of the postoperative inflammation process. This pain can feel quite heavy in the first 1-2 weeks after surgery. As long as the pain is mild in intensity, not accompanied by swelling, a scar that continues to bleed, runny, or even festering, vomiting, fever, defecation, and other more severe complaints, often this condition is harmless and will improve with treatment postoperative appropriate doctor's advice.

Pain in the former appendix surgery can also be felt for a long time after surgery. Mild pain often arises due to the nature of the scar tissue that covers the scar less elastic so that it is less able to accommodate excessive movement around the area of ​​the former operation.

You can help reduce the pain your child feels with the following steps:

Ask your child to rest more, first reduce activities that involve excessive contraction of abdominal muscles and lower limbs, for example lifting heavy objects, running, walking excessively, or going up and down stairs Always keep the area of ​​the former operation so that it is always clean and does not experience friction or pressure Excessive Encourage the child not to sleep over his former surgery Compress former child surgery with warm compresses Do not suppress excessive child surgery Give children loose and soft clothing Go through postoperative treatment as the doctor recommends Give children healthy food and drink every day, however, if you find a more severe complaint to your child despite undergoing the above treatment optimally, you should check it back to the doctor or surgeon who operated on it before ... Concerned, post-operative pain of the child that does not heal indicates an infection secondary pa There are surgical scars, intestinal adhesions, perforation of other organs around the appendix, or other causes that do not always occur due to your child's previous surgery. It may be that, before determining the best treatment, the doctor directs your child to undergo a series of supporting tests, for example laboratory, ultrasound, x-rays, and so on.

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