Appetite Disorders?

Illustration of Appetite Disorders?
Illustration: Appetite Disorders?

Good afternoon, I have a question. Lately I have a complaint where I feel like crying, my appetite is reduced even though in a state of hunger sometimes I feel like throwing up and it’s hard to swallow in my throat, even I also get indigestion. That’s why yes sir / mother

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Hello Salsabila, thank you for the question to

The symptoms you mentioned cannot yet lead to one specific disorder. There are still many things that can cause the symptoms that you experience, for example:

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Pregnancy Mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, PTSD, adjustment disorders, etc. Side effects of drugs or use of hormonal contraception

You should further describe the other symptoms that you are experiencing, for example, since when you experienced these symptoms, your menstrual cycle, history of sexual relations or hormonal contraceptive use, certain events that began to trigger the emergence of your symptoms (for example, just moving house, moving jobs, left by loved ones, certain events that endanger lives, etc.).

If indeed your symptoms are very disturbing, for example you become unable to work properly, can't sleep, can't eat, can't socialize properly, or other significant disturbances in your life, you should immediately consult a doctor so you can further evaluation.

In the meantime some things you can try to do include:

Try to rest and get enough sleep every day (at least 7-9 hours a day) Eat and drink regularly Eat small amounts but more often Avoid eating foods that are too acidic, spicy, or too oily Avoid eating foods that smell sharp If you really experience difficulty swallowing, you can eat soft foods first Reduce stress Regular exercise can also help improve mood and also maintain general health

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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