Are Autoimmune Diseases Incurable?

Illustration of Are Autoimmune Diseases Incurable?
Illustration: Are Autoimmune Diseases Incurable?

Hello my husband from January, I often banged out of the hospital … I first entered the hospital because my husband was diagnosed with appendicitis and then he was operated on … after surgery my husband still complained because there was still pain in the stomach then consulted again to the doctor with internal pain and the lab results stated that my husband was I suffer from GERD. Every month I definitely go back and forth because I have a stomachache with complaints of stomach pain. waist hurts … the hands are dry dry and the palms are slightly peeling the skin … urine tests are good results but blood tests my husband suffers from over autoimmunity … but don’t know the type What autoimmune experience my husband is experiencing. I want to ask whether autoimmune hormone injections should be taken? What foods should be consumed and what should be avoided for autoimmune sufferers. If autoimmune cannot be cured, how can I at least recover a little more so that the condition remains enthusiastic for life. .. thanks in advance ..

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Autoimmune disease is a disease that occurs when the immune cells fight against the body's own cells. These opposing body cells are healthy body cells. Normally, these immune cells fight bacteria or viruses that enter the body.

The cause is unknown. Risk factors are people who have a family history of autoimmune diseases, frequent exposure to radiation or sunlight.

Many types of autoimmune diseases can occur, for example type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Graves' disease and others.

There is no medicine that can cure this condition. Corticosteroid drugs that doctors always prescribe are to reduce symptoms. In some cases that cause the inhibition of hormone production, additional hormones from outside are needed, which can be given through hormone injections. For example, in type 1 diabetes, the hormone insulin is given regularly.

In addition to medicine, it is very necessary for the family to give patients enthusiasm in living their lives. Patients with autoimmune diseases often experience discouragement in life, because they have to take medication every day, but these drugs cannot cure it, only relieve the symptoms that appear.

In general, there are no dietary restrictions in this autoimmune disease. They can eat freely, except foods that can normally cause allergies should be avoided. However, they should eat organic food, which is food that the process of planting to marketing does not use chemicals.

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