Are Baby Biscuits Good To Give During Solids?

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When it is 6 months old, breastfeeding alone is not able to meet the increasing nutritional needs of babies. Therefore, mothers need to support the baby's nutrition by giving him MPASI (complementary food for breast milk) which has high nutrition.

In the early days of solid food, babies should not be given excessive snacks. This is intended to get the baby to learn to eat first. If your baby is already full by consuming snacks, then he can become difficult to eat and also lazy to suckle.

In the first month of introducing solid food, focus on introducing your baby to big foods. The trick, starting from a single menu, especially those rich in carbohydrates, such as rice porridge, oat porridge, kabocha, and so on. Giving this single menu is also very useful for mothers to detect possible allergies to certain foods in children. Next, you can slowly start adding other nutritional sources, namely meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Give this solid food with a texture and quantity that is increased gradually so that the baby adapts well.

You can give snacks after your baby starts to eat well. This can be achieved usually after 7 to 9 months of age, although this can vary from baby to baby. The recommended snacks are actually vegetables (eg steamed) or fruit (eg cut or made into juice). However, you can also give ready-made baby snacks in packages (eg biscuits). Of course, first make sure that the snack is specially prepared for babies, without sugar, salt, and food flavoring (MSG). Give this snack between 2 meals but still in appropriate portions, do not overdo it. The provision of these snacks is also intended to help teach children to eat on their own. Still also give your baby breast milk and water as needed.

We are not authorized to recommend a particular brand of baby food. Therefore, it would be better if you consult directly with a pediatrician who usually treats your child.

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