Are Black Spots On The Lips And Blood Stools Related?

Illustration of Are Black Spots On The Lips And Blood Stools Related?
Illustration: Are Black Spots On The Lips And Blood Stools Related?

I have black spots on my lips and I have been bleeding for a long time. I have experienced it for a long time to have a cured bowel movement but it recurs again but the black spots on my lips don’t go away. And after I chop my stomach it feels like cramps, What symptoms do you think?

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Hello Chofid, Thank you for your question on

You may experience dark patches on your lips:

If you smoke, it's probably because of the nicotine content
Melasma, is a collection of melanin or natural pigments in the skin
Nevus or mole
Melanoma is a skin cancer

While the defecation that you are experiencing, there are many possibilities, namely:

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids, is a swelling that contains large blood vessels
Intestinal polyps, are small lumps that grow in the large intestine or colon
Fisurra anni, is a tear in the lining of the anal skin
Fistulla ani, is a small tube between the end of the intestine and the skin around the anus
Dysentery, is an infection of the intestine caused by amoeba.

If the blackness of your lips is spreading further, and causes redness around your lips accompanied by pain, and bowel movements bleeding often profuse blood and accompanied by abdominal pain, you should check with a dermatologist for blackness on your lips, while bloody bowel movements should be seen with a surgeon specialist. So that further inspection and treatment is carried out.

Some things you can do at home

Avoid spicy foods
Expand to eat vegetables and fruit
Drink lots of water
Eat regularly
Get regular exercise

Thank you, hope it is useful. Dr. Nurmarwiyah

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