Are Blood Types O And AB Not Allowed To Get Married?

Illustration of Are Blood Types O And AB Not Allowed To Get Married?
Illustration: Are Blood Types O And AB Not Allowed To Get Married?

Hello, r nI want to ask, r nMy friend says that blood groups O and AB cannot get married, because they can cause blood disorders in their offspring. R nPlease explain whether this information is true?

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Hello Aisyah Vanza, thank you for asking

Blood type is part of a gene that is inherited from both parents (a combination of father and mother) and is present in our blood cells. The blood classification system used is the ABO system. The following explanation:

A person with blood type A, means having type A antigen, and the body will form an antibody protein to 'fight' the B antigen
Blood type B has B antigen, and in contrast, the body forms antibody A antigen
For people with blood type AB, they have both antigens, antigens A and B, but do not have any antibodies
People with blood type O do not have antigens A or B, but the person's body forms antibodies to fight antigens A and B.

Based on this system blood transfusion is carried out and the process of lowering the blood type system can be understood.

For example, if you have blood type A, you cannot receive blood from outside / transfusion from people with blood type B. This is because in blood type A, the body forms antibodies that will fight and damage antigen B. And vice versa.

For married couples, this blood classification system can be seen to determine the possibility of a child's blood type. Related to your question, we will try to explain further. People with blood types O and AB if married and have children, then the possibility of children blood type A or B. This will not be a problem if the mother is blood type AB (keep in mind during pregnancy the blood of the mother and fetus mixed through the placenta). This is because the AB blood type as described above does not have any antibodies, so 'the mother's blood will not fight the child's blood'. However, there is a condition in babies due to mismatch of blood groups of mother and baby. This condition occurs when the blood type is mother O and has a child with blood type A or B.

Why does it happen? Mothers with blood type O, have antibodies against antigens A and B (these antibodies will fight the blood of the child who has antigens / blood group A or B). Because the child's red blood cells are attacked by maternal antibodies, it causes the red blood cell rupture of the child, and causes the child to turn yellow. However, you do not need to worry, usually the child's condition can return to normal a few weeks after birth (because the antibodies from the mother's blood will 'run out' and there are therapies that can be done to overcome the yellow condition in newborns). So the statement that you convey is actually not quite right. It is okay for people with blood types O and AB to get married, but there is a risk that there is a blood mismatch between the baby and the mother (if the mother is blood type O). But this does not cause problems for all babies, there are babies who do not experience yellow.

Another case related to incompatibility of maternal and fetal blood groups is rhesus incompatibility. Rhesus itself is a D antigen that is on the surface of red blood cells. There are only 2 possibilities, positive and negative rhesus. People with rhesus negative means they have antibodies that will fight the D antigen. So if the mother has rhesus negative and the fetus is rhesus positive, the mother's body will make a 'rejection' on the fetus. Read more about this here.

Also read: Understanding Blood Type Characteristics.

That's all, hopefully it helps.

Greetings healthy,

dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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