Are Clobazam, Amitrypline, Halloperidoll, Clozapine Addictive?

Illustration of Are Clobazam, Amitrypline, Halloperidoll, Clozapine Addictive?
Illustration: Are Clobazam, Amitrypline, Halloperidoll, Clozapine Addictive?

Congratulations mallam … r nI am asking, I am currently undergoing treatment at the Marzuki Mahdi Hospital in Bogor for almost 2 years .. r nThen are these drugs not addictive … r nI hear that these drugs are included in the benzodiazepine class … r nPlease explain .. r n

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Hello Ari, thank you for the question to

To answer your question, it is necessary to consider the definition of the following 3 things: tolerance, addiction, and dependence on drugs.

tolerance can simply be defined as the decreased effect of the drug after repeated use. for example, the 2 mg dose of morphin can initially reduce pain, but after repeated use, the 2 mg dose does not have the same effect so one needs to increase the dose to 4 mg to achieve the same effect.

dependence can be simply defined as a condition in which the body has adapted to the presence of a drug, so that, when the drug is lost from the body, a person can experience symptoms due to withdrawal of the drug. a simple example is someone who drinks coffee (caffeine) every day experiences an adaptation to the presence of caffeine compounds in the body. when a person stops drinking coffee suddenly, he will experience drowsiness and weakness.

addiction can simply be defined as a chronic recurrent brain disorder in which a person feels addicted to a drug so that he continues to seek and use the drug despite knowing that it can have adverse effects on him. a simple example is cigarettes. A person can experience addiction to cigarettes so that he tries his best to find and get cigarettes even though he knows very well that these cigarettes have a bad effect on him.

the classes of drugs that you mention are different:

- haloperidol is a typical class of antipsychotic drugs

- Clozapine is a class of atypical antipsychotic drugs

- Amitryptilline is a tricyclic antidepressant class of drugs

- a class of drugs including benzodiazepines including midazolam, alprazolam, diazepam. These drugs are commonly referred to as sedatives

The drugs above can indeed cause dependence. This means that if a person has used the drug for a long time and stops suddenly, certain symptoms can appear (such as the coffee example above). The symptoms that appear are of course different for each drug.

Psychological disorders are generally caused by an imbalance of chemical compounds in the brain (dopamine, norepinephrine, etc.). The drugs above are used with the aim of balancing the chemical compounds in the brain. When used in the right individual, the above drugs have been shown to reduce and control psychological symptoms. For example, clozapine can control hallucinatory symptoms, and amitryptilline can control symptoms of excessive depressive mood.

A doctor always weighs the advantages against the disadvantages of administering drugs. Medicines that help reduce symptoms will be continued, while drugs that are worsening or not helping will be stopped. To get the right decision, cooperation between patient and doctor is needed. My advice, try to always be open and share any concerns you have with your doctor, so that you can get the right decision about giving or stopping the drug. If the doctor feels that a certain drug needs to be stopped, drug dependence can be overcome by reducing the dose gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

That's my answer, hope it helps

dr. Irna Cecilia

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