Are Depression And Schizophrenia Related?

Illustration of Are Depression And Schizophrenia Related?
Illustration: Are Depression And Schizophrenia Related?

I am often mistaken for speaking off topic when I am not. Last time my friend was confused why I was talking off topic … I ended up being labeled sick with schizophrenia 🙁 hadeuh weird .. even though I thought about feeling before he said like that I asked what I said earlier? Because the previous topic there were some words I haven’t revealed it yet because he keeps harping on it … and I am really a forgetful person so I asked what we’re talking about … eh he immediately said you were stressed, right I was confused so my spirit and my body felt like I was separated completely. it feels like my uncle has also said something similar when I was in junior high -_-… back to my friend, he immediately stamped me sick with schizophrenia even though he himself didn’t know what the disease was, although it was actually funny. all, I realize I have depression, plus I feel that my family is suspicious of me, especially my mother is very diligent asking no sound on my ears which is referring to the symptoms of schizophrenia He was, even though I didn’t have voices. Ouch, I’m tired of being seen as a sick person, even though I feel like I’m just low, so why do people really want me to get sick instead of giving motivation -_-. And if I suspect that it hurts too much … I’m dizzy. When in fact, my mother and my siblings, when I gather, really like to talk about me, how can we not be insecure. Besides, who might be suspicious aren’t just sick people. So what do you think about the doctor? I went to a psychologist or a psychiatrist because both my uncle and my friend’s words and my parents made me even more depressed, not yet my sister who verbally abused me because sometimes I didn’t connect.

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Schizophrenia is a fairly severe psychiatric disorder. Indeed, many patients with schizophrenia experience symptoms of hearing voices that are not there (hallucinations), but not all patients with skiophrenia experience this. In addition to hearing sounds that don't exist, patients with schizophrenia can also feel the people around them wanting to hurt or do bad things to them. Feeling your spirit out of your body might also be a form of hallucination. However, keep in mind that people who experience hallucinations are not necessarily experiencing schizophrenia. Very good if you want to try to consult. It's best if you see a mental health specialist (psychiatrist). Your doctor will examine your psychiatric condition to see if you have depression or schizophrenia. If you don't experience any disturbances, your doctor will help you manage your thoughts to be more acceptable to the people around you and help you deal with your friends and younger siblings better, so you can live better.

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