Are Hallucinations Symptoms Of Depression?

Illustration of Are Hallucinations Symptoms Of Depression?
Illustration: Are Hallucinations Symptoms Of Depression?

Hello, I want to ask, lately I often hallucinate like I am constantly being spied on by people .. My life is becoming so uncomfortable everyday. Has this gone into depression?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at There are a number of points that we must clarify with your question. First, the definition of hallucination is a condition in which a person's senses detect something that is not really there. Or simply, he sees, hears, or feels touched, held, touched by something that doesn't really exist. For example when someone hears someone else talking, even though the other person's form does not exist, he is hallucinating, or more precisely auditory / auditory hallucination. In your condition, when you feel spied on people but that person is not visible to you, only in the form of feelings, it does not fall into the category of hallucinations.

Second, a feeling of deep certainty about something that is not in accordance with culture or reality is called delusion. The conditions that you experience, if you are so sure you are being spied on by someone, it could be delusional. Another example of delusion is someone who is very sure that he is a messenger of God, or he is God himself. Understanding the differences between these two things is important, because it can have different medical implications.

Third, depression is a condition of mental disorders characterized by excessive sadness, can be without apparent cause, which is also accompanied by feelings of weakness and loss of interest in carrying out daily activities, including those that he liked. People with depression can not talk for days, do not want to leave the house, do not want to take a shower and do not want to eat, and this happens for at least 2 weeks. As for your question, both hallucinations and delusions, are not a sign of depression.

So we feel that further investigation needs to be done on your condition so that there are no misunderstandings in establishing the diagnosis. For that, you should tell your problem to a psychologist or psychiatrist, because it needs to be clarified what triggers these thoughts, whether included in the category of delusion, whether you really experience sadness that can lead to depression and so forth. If without a direct inspection, there is a lot of important information that can be missed and the handling is not optimal.

In the meantime, all you can do is try to tell the people closest to you, take time off or take a vacation from your college time to rest, and immediately consult your problem. So, hopefully answering your question.

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