Are Measles With Tampek The Same?

Illustration of Are Measles With Tampek The Same?
Illustration: Are Measles With Tampek The Same?

Hello, my child is 9bl 1mgu. Blum is immunized against measles, when you want to be immunized the child 3hrs up and down, on the third day the heat comes down and red rashes appear on the body, face and behind the ears. Said the old man appeared. Are measles and tampek the same? Then is it dangerous because the child hasn’t been vaccinated yet?

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Measles, rubeola, or measles (in some areas also referred to as tampek, or morbilli) are infectious diseases that are infectious or infectious since the beginning of the masaprodromal, which is the range of the first 4 days since the appearance of the rash. Measles is caused by paramicsovirus (measles virus). Transmission occurs through saliva splashes from the nose, mouth and throat of measles sufferers (water borne disease).

Immunity to measles is obtained after vaccination, active infection and passive immunity in a baby born to an immune mother (lasting for 1 year). People who are vulnerable to measles are: - babies over 1 year old - babies who are not immunized - teens and young adults who have not yet received a second immunization.

Symptoms begin to appear within 7-14 days after infection, which is in the form of fever, sore throat, cough colds and red eyes.2-4 days later small white spots appear in the inside of the mouth (Koplik spots). A rash (redness on the skin) that feels somewhat itchy appears 3-5 days after the onset of the above symptoms. This rash can be shaped macular (horizontal red rash) and papules (prominent reddish rash). At first the rash appears on the face, namely in front of and below the ear and on the side of the neck. Within 1-2 days, the rash spreads to the trunk, arms and legs, while the rashes on the face begin to fade.

At the peak of the disease, the sufferer feels very sick, the rash extends and his body temperature reaches 40 ° Celsius. 3-5 days later his body temperature dropped, the patient began to feel good and the remaining rashes immediately disappeared.

Measles can cause serious conditions, such as inflammation of the ears, wet lungs, and infections or inflammation of the brain. Whereas in pregnant women, measles can cause premature birth miscarriage.

you should immediately bring your child to a doctor to find out more definitely the cause of your child's illness, the doctor can do a direct examination by looking at your child's rash if necessary, a blood test will be done so that the doctor can provide the right treatment, even though measles does not need treatment because Measles can recover itself gradually in a few days. but to avoid complications you should consult a doctor immediately.

there are several things that can be done

 for prevention immediately do measles vaccine and continued with a combined vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR vaccine). Vaccination must be according to a schedule that has been determined by the doctor. give children many days to drink to avoid dehydration for fever and pain in children can be given paracetamol according to the dose of warm compresses forehead and between your child's armpits if the fever so the info we provide

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