Are Nasal Congestion To The Ears A Sign Of Polyps?

Illustration of Are Nasal Congestion To The Ears A Sign Of Polyps?
Illustration: Are Nasal Congestion To The Ears A Sign Of Polyps?

Hello doctor … it’s been 2 weeks I felt my nose stuck to my ears and my voice sounded bindeng. Sometimes my ears often hear the buzzing sound that has happened repeatedly … when I eat I can’t smell the food when I’m chewing the food … so that the food decreases its pleasure … please give an explanation if I have signs of polyps? And if so … the level of polyps I have reached … thanks before the doctor …

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Hi Dessy,

Thank you for the question.

Nasal congestion that causes a loud voice, buzzing ears, disturbed olfaction, taste can be uncomfortable, can occur due to nasal polyps, or it could be due to other reasons, such as rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, the entry of foreign objects into the nasal cavity, concha hypertrophy, cancer of the nose in the nasal cavity, and so on. This condition often worsens when you are exposed to allergens (substances that trigger allergies), viral or bacterial infections, or when your immune system decreases, such as due to fatigue or recovery after illness.

Polyps themselves are defined as benign tumors originating from the mucosal lining of the nasal cavity. Not only nasal congestion, olfactory disorders, taste disorders, and buzzing ears, nasal polyps also often make you experience breathing problems, recurrent nosebleeds, and there is mucus that is swallowed to the throat (post nasal drip).

You need to check your complaint directly to the doctor or ENT doctor to do a more in-depth examination, for example with rhinoscopy, nasal cavity endoscopy, x-rays, allergic tests, and so on. Some types of drugs, nasal cavity irrigation, surgery, or other therapeutic modalities may be given by the doctor so that your complaints heal and no longer interfere with your activities.

As an independent treatment, you can do first:

Keep yourself away from exposure to cold, dry air, smoke, pollution, and other allergens (for example pollen, dust mites, animal hair, certain foods or medicines)
Irrigation of your nasal cavity, which is by spraying IV fluids into the nasal cavity through a syringe that has been removed by the needle
Avoid holding the area around the nose with dirty hands
Use an air humidifier, especially when the air is dry
Do not smoke, stay away from the smoke too
much rest
Eat and drink warm, rich in vitamin C, able to moisturize the airways (for example, which has broth), also do not always eat oily, cold, take down and contain excessive artificial sweeteners
Do not take any medicine without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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