Are Pleural Effusions And TB Drugs The Same? How Are The Drinking Rules?

Illustration of Are Pleural Effusions And TB Drugs The Same? How Are The Drinking Rules?
Illustration: Are Pleural Effusions And TB Drugs The Same? How Are The Drinking Rules?

u003cspan style = “color: # 3b3738; font-family: LatoWeb, sans-serif; ” u003e Good afternoon, I want to ask, right now I’m 36 with BB: 50 kg, 2 months ago I just did an x-ray lung and the result is fluid (Pleural effusion), the doctor who treated me previously suggested treatment for 6 months. my question … is pleural effusion related to TB? then what are the drinking rules for TB drugs? Is it taken 3X1 after a meal or before? Thank you in advance. u003c / span u003e

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Hi Birwanto,

Thank you for asking

Under normal conditions, the lungs are covered by 2 months of pleural membrane, ie the outer (parietal) and inner (visceral). Between the two pleural membranes there is a cavity in which there is a liquid lubricant in order to facilitate friction between the two pleural membranes to avoid pain. Pleural effusion occurs when the fluid in this cavity accumulates beyond the normal limit, thus making sufferers experience shortness of breath, chest pain, fever, and coughing. This condition is often associated with infection, not only TB (Tuberculosis), but can also pneumonia. Not only infection, pleural effusion can also occur due to fluid seepage from other organs (for example in patients with heart failure, liver or kidney disease), cancer (for example lung cancer or other cancers that metastasize to the lungs and pleura), autoimmune disorders (such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis), as well as pulmonary embolism.

Your doctor advises you to undergo TB treatment certainly not without reason. This recommendation was actually made based on the results of his examination, or was also supported by the results of supporting examinations, such as x-rays, sputum testing, blood tests, and so on, which indeed led to the diagnosis of TB. Doctors who examine you directly certainly know more about the reasons for the treatment given for the good of the patient.

In connection with the procedures for taking TB drugs, how many doses of consumption, every number of days consumed, and so on, you should discuss directly with your doctor, internist, or lung specialist who treats you. Because, the way you consume TB drugs can vary depending on the type of TB case you are experiencing and the type of drug used. However, most TB drugs are recommended to be taken at night before bedtime to minimize the risk of nausea that often results. Again, the time taken for this TB drug can also vary depending on many other factors, including for example if you are on medication for other diseases. Therefore, consulting directly with the doctor who prescribes is the most appropriate way for you to do now.

So that you can recover from TB and pleural effusion, in addition to undergoing treatment as advised by your doctor, you need to also balance it with a good diet (increase consumption of foods high in calories and protein), maintain personal hygiene and the environment around you, increase the intensity of your exercise , avoid smoking, and always lead a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget, if there are other people around you who also show symptoms of TB pain, take him to check his condition directly to the doctor so that it can be given the right treatment and no potential to cause disease transmission to other people in the vicinity.

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