Are Pyogenic Granulomas The Same As Tumors?

Illustration of Are Pyogenic Granulomas The Same As Tumors?
Illustration: Are Pyogenic Granulomas The Same As Tumors?

Hello, I want to ask, is pyogenic granuloma the same as tumor? this question is based on changes in diagnosis that occur

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Pyogenic granuloma is a condition in which blood vessels proliferate. Which is caused by something that is not certain, but there are some suspected causes of pyogenic granuloma, namely:

1. Trauma

2. Bacterial infection

3. Hormonal

Pyogenic granulomas first appear as red patches, which do not cause pain. Pyogenic granulomas grow rapidly over several days to several weeks, with a final size of 1-2 cm (rarely up to 5 cm). Pyogenic granulomas bleed easily and cause injury.
Pyogenic granulomas are often found in the head, neck, upper body, hands (especially fingers) and feet. While pyogenic granulomas in pregnancy most often occur on the surface of the lip mucosa or in the oral cavity.

Pyogenic granuloma is a benign tumor in a blood vessel. A tumor diagnosis will be given if the complaint is not yet known about the cause or while awaiting the results of the investigation. Because the tumor has a wide area, so that it can be used as an uncertain diagnosis first. If you have diagbosa pyogenic granuloma, it means that the cause of your disease is certain, therefore the diagnosis has changed.

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