Are Sperm Colored Clear Or Infertile?

Illustration of Are Sperm Colored Clear Or Infertile?
Illustration: Are Sperm Colored Clear Or Infertile?

Hi, I am 20 years old now, but every ejaculation has never felt white semen coming out, but only the liquid is not so thick clear and I have often told my brother “but all in disbelief, Please advise what am I barren?

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Hello Muh Jusuf,

To ensure the quality of sperm, sperm analysis should be done first yes and can not be concluded only from the physical form of semen alone. In general, semen tends to be thick and grayish white, then it will become thinner after 5-40 minutes. This is normal.

While semen that tends to runny when released is not necessarily abnormal, this can be influenced by adolescence, too often ejaculation, zinc deficiency, smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as impaired fertility or poor sperm quality.

Here are the criteria for healthy sperm:

Minimum sperm count of 15 million / ml of semen
At least 40% of sperm can move
At least 25% of sperm can move forward quickly
At least 30% of normal sperm

In addition to assessing some of the parameters above, when sperm analysis is also conducted it will be assessed the volume, thickness, and consistency of semen, pH, fructose, and white blood cells. If you are worried, you can consult a doctor directly so that you can have a sperm examination and analysis test. After the examination is done, then the doctor can conclude whether you are fertile or have fertility problems and if necessary provide treatment.

In the meantime maintaining sperm health, you can do the following tips:

Avoid smoking and alcohol
Avoid free sex
Wear comfortable, non-tight clothing
Get enough rest
Teratuir sports
Avoid exposure to hot temperatures in the penis and testicles
Maintain ideal body weight
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Manage stress well

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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