Are The Knees, Soles Of The Feet And Lower Back Hurt Only By Scoliosis?

Illustration of Are The Knees, Soles Of The Feet And Lower Back Hurt Only By Scoliosis?
Illustration: Are The Knees, Soles Of The Feet And Lower Back Hurt Only By Scoliosis?

Excuse me, want to ask. I am a woman, I am 21 years old and have 37 degrees of scoliosis. My knee often hurts a lot. The pain is always the same with the lower back and soles of the feet (especially when walking). I have also been treated frequently but the pain is always there, only the intensity of the pain is different. If for exercises that are recommended for people with scoliosis there are several movements that trigger pain. Is this pain really ‘pure’ because of scoliosis or is there something else? X-ray results do not have HNP

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Hello Devioletta

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, skelosis is an abnormally curved spinal condition. adult hydrocoliosis if the spine is curved even worse, it will feel difficulty breathing and the onset of pain. so it could be the cause of back pain coupled with knee pain and the soles of your feet due to spinal deformities in scoliosis can compress the spinal nerves, which can cause pain or tingling in the back to the sole of the foot. but besides that there are also several causes of back pain that radiates to the sole of the foot between them:

 Nerve clamps / hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP) is a disease that occurs when the vertebral pads shift and press on the spinal nerves. inflammation of the joints tension in the sciaticanerve pain muscle is pain in the lower back that spreads to the hips, buttocks, legs, to the toes, namely along the pathways of the sciatic nerve (sciatic nerve). do you often consult a doctor before, usually this scelosis must do an x-ray examination to observe the progress of your scelosis. and doctors can provide treatment and physiotherapy according to the severity or degree of your scellosis.

there are several treatments for scellosis:

scoliosis depends on the severity, age, location and gender. The various treatments that can be performed are:

 Administration of drugs in adults with scoliosis with the aim of relieving pain. X-ray observations every 6 months to monitor the development of bone curvature. Provides a buffer to stop curvature of the spine and is usually given to children suffering from collapsosis which has a curvature angle of more than 20 degrees. Doing surgery, if the above scoliosis treatment doesn't work and the spinal arch is more than 50 degrees. scoliosis is usually recommended for routine exercises with stretching, because scoliosis occurs due to muscle imbalance. If the angle is 30-40 degrees at the age of growth, then the person needs to use a corset. Meanwhile, if the slope condition is above 40 degrees, it is necessary to intervene or operate. In fact, there are a variety of possible worst risks if the curve gets worse.

so my advice if you haven't consulted for a long time immediately consult a doctor if you feel pain that is very severe, and see the condition of your skeosis development, but if the pain that you feel is not too disturbing you, you can postpone especially when there is an outbreak of epidemics. this corona virus. to break the chain of transmission. but if you do the therapy recommended by your doctor beforehand, you can continue and ask your doctor for the continuation of the therapy, but if you do therapy elsewhere you should be careful if you can still do the exercises at home, my advice is at home, such as:

 do yoga at home do stretching at home do punggungg flexibility you can compress with warm water to reduce pain in the affected area after that you can compress it with cold water you can also consume paracetamol while to overcome the pain you can use a crocetrate but if possible should your therapy can maintain cleanliness such as:

 diligently wash your hands with soap or with a hand sanitaizer avoid a busy crowd keep a minimum distance of 1 meter avoid greeting or touching with other people but remember not to do therapy carelessly without the correct knowledge yes so the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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