Are The Lungs Bad Due To Covid 19?

Illustration of Are The Lungs Bad Due To Covid 19?
Illustration: Are The Lungs Bad Due To Covid 19?

Good evening doctor, I have a friend whose symptoms are coughing and aching in breathing but not often that cough, after being checked at the hospital he was almost exposed to the covid-19 virus and also checked his lungs were not good .. so my question is what are the bad lungs caused covid 19 will return to normal as usual or not dock?

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Hello Elang, thank you for asking

Corona Virus Infection Disease or COVID-19 is an infection that attacks the respiratory tract and is caused by the corona virus. This disease causes symptoms that vary from mild flu symptoms to severe pneumonia symptoms. Mild flu symptoms include fever and respiratory problems such as coughing, runny nose, and sore throat. Severe symptoms such as pneumonia are fever, coughing and tightness.

To make a diagnosis, it needs to be strengthened with travel history data that is whether your friend has visited the country or local transmission area during the past 12 weeks or not. Local transmission area is the area where COVID-19 transmission occurs between the residents in it. In addition, it is also necessary to find out whether there has ever been contact with people who are strongly suspected of being positive for COVID-19 or even positive.

Symptoms that appear on COVID-19 are very varied, ranging from mild flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, to severe symptoms such as pneumonia, namely fever, cough accompanied by tightness. On physical examination conducted on positive patients with COVID-19, abnormal lung sounds will be found, not as usual. In addition, supporting investigations are also important to prove the diagnosis. The checks needed are routine blood checks, chest x-rays, chest CT-scans, and throat swabs. In previous studies, patients recovering from COVID-19 will still experience a decrease in lung function by around 20-30%.

If you might be exposed to the corona virus but don't experience any symptoms, then you don't need to see a hospital. Simply staying at home or independent isolation to limit contact with others. With isolation showering at home, your body will strengthen the immune system more optimally. So that your immune system can increase, do the following:

Eat nutritious and balanced food
Expand vegetables and fruit
Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day
Wash your hands often so that cleanliness is maintained and the risk of transmission of the virus decreases
Manage stress
Enough sleep

If the symptoms of cough are felt increasingly severe to cause shortness, then you should immediately check yourself directly to the doctor, so that further examination and treatment.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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