Are The Signs Of Childbirth Imminent?

Illustration of Are The Signs Of Childbirth Imminent?
Illustration: Are The Signs Of Childbirth Imminent?

I am 38 weeks pregnant … lately I have vaginal discharge like milk … and my stomach is often tight … is that a sign of giving birth is near ??

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Leucorrhoea during pregnancy also generally remains relatively normal if it continues throughout pregnancy. Leucorrhoea usually tends to come out most during the last trimester of pregnancy.

causes of vaginal discharge in pregnant women where during pregnancy, the cervix and vaginal walls become softer than usual, causing vaginal mucus production to be more than usual is also affected by the high hormone estrogen in the body. as long as the vaginal discharge is clear or milky and only has a slight odor, it is still considered normal vaginal discharge.

there are some changes in vaginal discharge in pregnant women that can be alerted: vaginal discharge in yellow, green or gray or even accompanied by blood spots can be a sign of pregnancy disorders or symptoms of infection. In addition to discoloration, abnormal vaginal discharge can have a sharp odor and is accompanied by itching and swelling in the vaginal area.

although generally normal, vaginal discharge during pregnancy can be caused by serious conditions, such as sexually transmitted infections and complications in pregnancy. you should consult a doctor to ascertain the cause of vaginal discharge. and routinely check the pregnancy of the obstetrician.

various signs of giving birth

 feel false contractions: tightening of the abdomen that comes and goes. The difference between the original contractions and their other falsities, namely the contraction of the Braxton Hick, is felt in the abdomen or pelvis, while the real contractions are usually felt in the lower back and then move to the front of the abdomen. pain or pain rupture of amniotic fluid difficult to sleep frequency of urination increases thick viscous mucus mixed with blood from the vagina. however mucus mixed with blood is not always the first sign that you are giving birth to changes in the cervix: the tissue in your cervix will soften or become elastic. if you see any of the following signs or have experienced a rupture of membranes, hurry to the hospital.

There are several things that can overcome vaginal discharge during pregnancy

 change underwear more often than usual, use underwear made from materials with good absorption, for example natural cotton when using pantyliner, use that does not contain perfume and replace as soon as possible if it feels humid.

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