Are The Symptoms Of Bronchitis And Corona The Same?

Illustration of Are The Symptoms Of Bronchitis And Corona The Same?
Illustration: Are The Symptoms Of Bronchitis And Corona The Same?

Hello doc, I want to ask if bronchitis and corona symptoms are not much different right? The thing is I feel a coughing fever and tightness, but I’ve been treated at the clinic 24 hours, and I asked the doctor whether this is the corona virus? The doctor answered me not sure because here there is no check tool, if you want to check first to the hospital that provides corona virus checking, but now I have not coughed but occasionally I feel the heart like pounding, please give me an info doc, thank you

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Hello Muhammad Dayan, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself that Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Signs and symptoms arising from covid 19 are indeed like the common cold, which are fever, coughing and spasms. Bronchitis also has signs and symptoms that are almost the same as flu. To determine whether you have a common cold or covid 19, you will go through other investigations. Currently you can check the corona virus infection riiko through the following link.

Covid's disease 19 with other lung infections is indeed causing almost the same complaints, but one with the other is very different. At this time if you experience complaints such as fever, cough, shortness, but do not have a history of contact with covid patients 19, do not have a history of traveling from the affected place, a young age, and do not have a history of severe illness before, you should rest at home for a minimum of 14 days to ensure complaints that occur to you. Because if you go to a referral hospital to be examined even though you don't have an indication that leads to covid 19, it is feared that you will be easily infected with the corona virus and increasingly cause transmission.

Complaints of ordinary flu with covid 19 are difficult to distinguish if there is no examination. If the complaint gets worse then you should check with your nearest doctor. Right now what you should do is:

Avoid traveling to crowded places.
Enough rest.
Use a mask when you have a cold cough.
Washing hands with soap before and after touching / doing activities.
Avoid contact with sick people.
Apply social distancing / self quarantine.

Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, especially fruits and vegetables.
Drink plenty of water.
Routine exercise.
Consumption of vitamins to increase endurance.
Take your medicine from a doctor regularly and according to the dosage.
If complaints continue, consult a doctor immediately.

That's all the answers I can give. Thank you :)

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