Are The Symptoms Of Stomach Acid The Same As Corona Virus

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Illustration: Are The Symptoms Of Stomach Acid The Same As Corona Virus I have 2.m weeks of stomach acid symptoms. Had diarrhea and rectum was sore (wound). Already try the traditional treatment of turmeric + ginger rather less symptoms but still often nausea and heat in the abdomen and even the chest is less comfortable when sitting. So my question is whether stomach acid is the same as Corona’s symptoms?

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The presence of stomach acid complaints accompanied by complaints of nausea and diarrhea for up to 2 weeks, the possibility is more caused by indigestion and the duration of these complaints up to 2 weeks may be caused by treatment or handling is not optimal or the type of food you consume causes your digestive complaints to still interfere . So if this complaint is not accompanied by a history of traveling and contact Covid-19 and not accompanied by complaints of cough and fever, then the complaint you feel is probably not due to Covid-19 infection. However, even though the possibility of this complaint is not due to Covid-19, you still need to stay at home until you recover and be healthy, because in patients with indigestion and nausea, there can be decreased stamina and endurance, if your endurance decreases , it will be susceptible to contracting the disease. So, do social distancing and stay at home and get used to washing your hands during the recovery period and increasing your endurance.

If during these two weeks complaints of diarrhea and stomach upset and nausea still bother you, then some of these conditions can trigger complaints that you feel, such as:

 You have food allergies Food poisoning You still consume foods that irritate digestion, such as spicy foods, instant drinks, or milk foods Gastric disorders Liver disorders Side effects of drugs So if in 2 weeks you have not done an examination and consultation with your doctor for recovery of complaints diarrhea, then you should consider consulting your doctor directly. However, in the Covid-19 vigilance period, you should consult online or by telephone unless your doctor advises you to come directly for an examination. The doctor will ascertain the cause of the complaint and provide recommendations for your treatment.

Regarding Covid-19, Patients with a Covid suspicion or positive Covid-19 patients, evaluation of infection and early detection still include several symptoms, signs and risk factors for transmission, namely:

 Cough Fever more than 38 degrees celsius The cause of pain at this time does not know the exact cause Shortness of breath There is a history of the last 14 days ever contact with suspicious patients Covid-19 or positive patients Covid-19 There is a history of the last 14 days ever traveled far or out of town / outside country where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization So, based on these indicators, where you do not feel complaints of cough, fever, spasms, and do not undergo contact and long trips, then the complaint you feel does not lead to infection Covid-19.

What can be done to prevent Covid-19 infection are:

 Recovering stamina Heals current pain. Avoid staying up late Adequate intake of nutritious food and nutritious drinks Stay at home to restore stamina and endurance good personal hygiene such as bathing, washing your hands regularly, and using a mask if you cough even at home. Avoid or limit spicy foods, fried foods, greasy foods, instant foods or foods that are not properly cleaned. Use hand sanitizers as a second prevention, especially if it is difficult to see soap and water If complaints are increasing and are accompanied by complaints of cough, fever of more than 38 degrees celsius and / or shortness of breath, immediately go to the provincial hospital or the city hospital where you live or call 119 Similarly, info that we can convey.

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