Are There Any Hard Parts Of The Vagina?

Illustration of Are There Any Hard Parts Of The Vagina?
Illustration: Are There Any Hard Parts Of The Vagina?

Good afternoon u003cbr u003i I am a 23-year-old woman u003cbr u003I want to ask if there are any hard parts in the vaginal area?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Regarding your question, actually it still needs to be specified again, which part do you call hard, what indicators do you call it hard, what is hard as bone, hard as warts, or others, whether symmetrical left and right, how can you find that part and are there other symptoms that accompany. There are different notions between hard and solid, and maybe not all parts of the vagina have the same density.

If it is a disease, the possible cause could be due to a blockage in certain glands, an infection, growth of certain abnormal tissue, the presence of scars, and much more. So we suggest, the best step is to check with your obstetrician for further examination, which areas you consider hard, especially if you have experienced other symptoms or certain disorders, for example in sexual intercourse. With a direct check, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling can be more precise.

Meanwhile, there is no need to worry too much, avoid touching the part, do not need to do any handling, and avoid sexual relations first. So, hopefully answering your question.

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