Are There Herbal Medicines To Deal With Anti-anxiety?

Illustration of Are There Herbal Medicines To Deal With Anti-anxiety?
Illustration: Are There Herbal Medicines To Deal With Anti-anxiety?

I suffer from speech stuttering because of fear, shame, insecurity, nervousness, can it be cured by regularly consuming anti-anxiety herbs?

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Stuttering is a condition where someone has difficulty speaking. Stuttering can occur in children or adults. Stuttering in children is usually associated with growth and development of children. Vocabulary is still limited and the formation of words that are not optimal, causing children to have difficulty conveying the feelings or ideas that exist in their minds. Generally stuttering in children can heal by itself. However, there are also cases of stuttering that persist until an adult. Stuttering in adults is divided into neurogenic and psychogenic stuttering.

Neurogenic stuttering is caused by problems with the brain, nerves, or muscles that function in speech. Psychogenic stuttering is a stutter associated with a person's mental or emotional condition. Stuttering can be related to several psychological disorders, such as anxiety disorders, depression, or Tourette's syndrome. When a stutterer experiences an emotional surge or is in a state of stress, stuttering becomes more real.

Until now there has been no proven herbal treatment to reduce anxiety disorders. You should consult this with a psychologist or psychiatrist. They will help you overcome stuttering, through a series of counseling. Generally stuttering is overcome by speech therapy and behavioral therapy. You do not need to be ashamed to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist because stuttering is a condition that can be overcome as long as it is consistent.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully you are helped. Regards.

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