Are There No Known Symptoms Of Leukemia?

Illustration of Are There No Known Symptoms Of Leukemia?
Illustration: Are There No Known Symptoms Of Leukemia?

Hello, is there no symptoms of leukemia? Because, my aunt who was 6 months pregnant suddenly fainted. After being taken to the hospital, he was unconscious and fell into a coma. Soon the doctor brought the diagnosis and stated that my aunt had leukemia. Not long after being treated, my aunt died. Even though during his life he never complained of being tired, never even fainted. My aunt doesn’t like to eat meat and has a history of hypertension.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Previously, we share our condolences for the death of your family member. Leukemia or blood cancer is a malignant disease that attacks the white blood cells. White blood cells function to protect the body from infection and disease, and are produced by the spinal cord. When a person has this disease, the spinal cord will overproduce abnormal white blood cells and cannot function properly.

Regarding the symptoms, as any disease in general, this disease has symptoms. Among others are:

Tiredness or fatigue Fever Chills Headache Vomiting excessive sweating Pain in bones and joints Easily nosebleeds or bruising Red spots appear on the skin

Although of course, that does not mean that all people who experience this condition have to feel all of these symptoms. In addition, there are many types of leukemia, including the type ALL, AML, CML, and CLL, which for more details you can click on this link. Among these types, there are those that develop rapidly, if not treated immediately, the body will soon be deprived of oxygen and the body's immunity to disease or infection will soon decline. What happened to your aunt is probably this acute type whose symptoms have been present but not complained about or felt too much because they are considered symptoms of pregnancy or common illness.

What is clear, the cause of the emergence of this disease is still uncertain. Among the factors that increase the risk such as heredity, having undergone cancer treatment, inhaling secondhand smoke and having experienced exposure to high levels of radiation do not necessarily cause a person to develop leukemia. The exact cause of this condition is still being searched for today.

So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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