Are There Some Types Of Infectious And Non-communicable Coughs And Coughs From Covid-19?

Illustration of Are There Some Types Of Infectious And Non-communicable Coughs And Coughs From Covid-19?
Illustration: Are There Some Types Of Infectious And Non-communicable Coughs And Coughs From Covid-19?

My parents are currently experiencing cough pain for 6 days. It was examined by a doctor 4 days ago at the nearest hospital and given a cough medicine. While I also have a history of seasonal flu & cough. At the beginning my parents were sick of coughing, I had not contracted it / was ill. Because when covid-19 began to spread to Indonesia, I was prepared like drinking antangin jrg 1/2 sachets a day and diligently washing hands, wearing masks while traveling (although not sick) and cleaning dead objects around using wet cloth and soap. It’s been 3 weeks, finally my seasonal disease relapsed. I also don’t have a history of traveling abroad. And physical contact with patients who were suspected to be positive covid-19. Except physical contact with parents who are coughing at this time. My parents are difficult to advise, when inside the house do not want to wear a mask but when outside he wears a mask. Strangely, for 3 weeks I often gathered with various people and teenagers who were coughing, I was not infected by them. In fact, I consider being infected by my parents who have had coughing pain in these 6 days.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. The first thing you need to understand is that one of the reasons that the corona virus is a danger is that anyone can be infected by anyone.

Indeed, so far what is often said is that young people tend to be able to survive the corona virus, and what is feared is more to infect parents whose immune systems are weaker, but does not rule out the opposite. Parents can get it from their children, their children can get it from their parents, the husband gets it from his wife, online drivers can get it from their passengers, bank customers can get it from a pen that is shared when visiting bank tellers, and so on.

So regarding your condition, where you suspect you have contracted from your parents, it could indeed happen. Or other possibilities can occur where you are infected first but have not shown symptoms, then then you transmit your parents, which is because their immune system is lower they then immediately experience symptoms, and now when your immune system weakens, you get it again from them. You need to remember that many corona positive patients have no symptoms at all, so you cannot assume that you are not infected with these teenagers just because you do not cause symptoms. You could actually have been infected from some time ago. All of these possibilities can happen, and that is why it is important to maintain personal hygiene, namely by washing hands, changing clothes and taking a bath immediately when just out of the crowd, avoiding touching things outside the home, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is clear, both you and your parents, the diagnosis will not be made except by supporting examinations in the form of a swab test that you may have known from electronic media. This is because if only from the symptoms, the diagnosis is difficult or even impossible to determine because the symptoms are very diverse. There are coughs, coughing up phlegm, tightness, painful swallowing, diarrhea, no symptoms at all, and recently there is information that says there are positive patients who only experience skin symptoms, although this information still needs to be explored again.

So the best step you and your parents can take is to see a pulmonary doctor, so you can find out through a series of historical excavations, physical examination and support, in which direction and what is the best treatment. Meanwhile, avoid being out of the house as much as possible, take regular breaks, wash hands regularly, make sure you have enough fluids, take supplements and multivitamins for endurance, and see a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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